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Big Boss Aqua Stream™ Features and Benefits

  • 2 in 1 hose
    Made from tough multi-layered expandable inner hose and a folded outer webbed covering
  • Durable & reliable
    Super lightweight hose weighs under 2lbs and is perfect for homeowners and professionals
  • Kink-free design
    Patented design will never twist, tangle or kink
  • High flow spray
    Easily reaches 2nd floor windows but is gentle enough for watering flowers
  • Automatically expands and contracts
  • Full ¾” in diameter for more powerful spray
  • Lightweight host with solid brass fittings
The Aqua Stream™ truly is like no other hose in the world.

Aqua Stream™ Makes Watering Easy & Hassle FREE!

  • Use Aqua Stream™ year round! It’s freeze resistant design can be used to -10 degrees.

  • Retracts to its original shape in just seconds and stores away easily!

  • Makes gardening and yard work a breeze!

All Weather Hose Can Be Used Year Round!

Use Aqua Stream™, the all weather hose, year round. It’s freeze resistant, self draining design means it can be used outdoors to a frosty minus 10 degrees. Perfect for flooding that back yard rink, washing the salt off your car or filling your hot tub. Don’t miss out! Order your Aqua Stream™ all weather hose today!

- 25' hose & nozzle- $19.95 USD + $6.95 USD p&h
- 50' hose & nozzle- $39.95 USD + $6.95 USD p&h
- 75' hose & nozzle- $59.95 USD + $6.95 USD p&h

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Offer Details:
Buy One 25' Big Boss™ Aqua Stream™ and 8 Way Spray Nozzle for $19.95 USD plus $6.95 USD P&H Or choose the 50' for $39.95 USD plus $6.95 USD P&H or the 75' for $59.95 USD plus $6.95 USD. As a special BONUS OFFER, we will double any size you selected and send you a second hose and nozzle FREE, just pay separate $6.95 USD P&H. Plus, FREE 10 year WARRANTY!

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